Who We Are

The journey that started from the streets of Bangkok has lead to U5FB creating a successful F&B chain. Since early 2015, after the first Boat Noodle outlet opening, we now have 49 Boat Noodle outlets and 20 Chill Chill kiosks operating nationwide. U5FB, arguably one of the fastest growing F&B company in Malaysia, is aiming to be one of the leading Malaysian homegrown Global F&B player.

The brand "The Original Boat Noodle" has gone regional expanding into Southeast Asia thanks to a successful partnership with Toridoll Corporation in Japan. And with new and upcoming brands like Chill Chill, Cookies & Coffee and BananaBro entering the market, U5FB is making a play at being a progressive brand that is continuously evolving.

Learning from "The Original Boat Noodle", U5FB is always family first, with a goal to always evolve, thus educating and growing staff to their highest potential. Our culture and core values have been the driving force of the company and we intend to keep them as we move forward.

Our Values

Chill Chill Lah

Develop a sustainable hustle in all you do. Seek activities that recharge you and allow you to bring your best self to work; we are running a marathon, not a sprint. Keep perspective when the unexpected happens; we can work it out as a team. We'll do some amazing things together, but always remember there's more to life.

Help Each Other Grow

Remember we each have something to offer. Share your experiences to help the people around you gain a better perspective on themselves and the world. Share your knowledge to build your teammates' skills and abilities. Push them to reach their goals. Be open to learning as much as you can from others.

Assume Good Faith

Remind yourself that we are all pushing to make U5FB awesome, even when we have different approaches to getting there. Don't let communication styles or competing solutions take your eyes off of our shared goals. When we make mistakes, remember to separate impact from intent.

Practice Empathy

Truly make the effort to listen and understand. Be curious. Learn the why, not just the what. Show kindness, and value different perspectives, experiences, and ideas as though they were your own.

Speak Your Mind

Open transparent lines of communication; the voice of few may be the thoughts of many. Make time for self-awareness so you can share authentically. Remember U5FB is a safe space to express your reflections, concerns, and ideas.

Make It Happen

Take pride in crafting the best experience for those we serve. Prefer action over observation. Support your teammates. Broken? Gather teammates to fix it. Opportunity? Collaborate and seize it!

Our Brands

The Original Boat Noodle brings Thai Street Food to you. Starting out humbly by only serving noodles, our menu has grown much bigger since, incorporating more local Thai Street Food as more Boat Noodle restaurants were launched. At Boat Noodle, you will definitely experience an authentic and lively Thai Street ambience from the food down to the decor!

Chill Chill brings you authentic Thai tea inspired by Thailand's very own drink. A Malaysian owned brand - we craft our beverage with only imported premium ingredients and sure to satisfy any palate! So take it easy and enjoy life at its fullest, because at Chill Chill, it is more than just a brand. It is a way of life.

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